Getting Started With The Apache Sedona Docker Image

I am referring to this tutorial:
Hi there, when I replicate the same code, at line 9, I get the following error:

AnalysisException: [TABLE_OR_VIEW_NOT_FOUND] The table or view basins cannot be found. Verify the spelling and correctness of the schema and catalog.
If you did not qualify the name with a schema, verify the current_schema() output, or qualify the name with the correct schema and catalogue.

I run hucs_df.createOrReplaceTempView(“basins”) and this is working fine and creating the view but line 9 does give me the error.

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Hi @iamraj -

Can you share the full code you are running and I will try to reproduce?

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sounds good, I am loading data from s3 and running on the wherobots cloud.

Here is the code:

let me know, if you can access it?

Looks like that notebook is private to your Wherobots account so I can’t access it.

The best way to share the notebook is probably to download from the Jupyter environment and then share via GitHub or even something like PasteBin to share the raw notebook contents.

sorry, here is the Pastebin


On line 13 instead of


can you try


That worked, thank you!