Analyzing Real Estate Data With WherobotsDB & Wherobots Cloud

I just published a tutorial on the Wherobots Blog that looks at analyzing changes in real estate values in the US using SedonaDB & Wherobots Cloud.

This tutorial uses data from Zillow to analyze changes in median home values in the US and highlights a few features of SedonaDB and Wherobots Cloud, including:

  • An overview of the Wherobots Cloud notebook environment
  • How to upload data to Wherobots Cloud
  • How to import datasets using SedonaDB (CSV and Shapefile)
  • Using SQL to query data using SedonaDB
  • Creating interactive visualizations of the results of our geospatial analysis in the Wherobots notebook environment
  • Creating choropleth maps with GeoPandas and matplotlib

Check it out here on the Wherobots Blog:

I also went through the tutorial on a livestream which you can find on the Wherobots YouTube channel:

Let me know what you think and also what type of tutorials and examples you’d like to see in the future!

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