Hi, I'm Will 👋

Hi folks!

My name is Will Lyon. I work at Wherobots on the Developer Relations team. My goal is to help developers and data scientists solve their spatial data problems.

Previously I worked at the database company Neo4j for 8 years and as a software engineer at a handful of startups prior to Neo4j.

I periodically publish articles on my blog, and videos on YouTube.

Currently, I’m challenging myself to the #30DayMapChallenge with the goal of creating a map each day around different themes. You can follow my progress and see the code on GitHub.

I’d love to hear from members of the Wherobots community especially about what type of examples, demos, and data you’d like to see more of. Are there certain use cases you have in mind that you think might be a good fit for SedonaDB? What kind of content and tutorials could we put together to make the process more clear? Please let me know your thoughts in the thread below or feel free to reach out via PM if you’d like to chat :slight_smile:

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